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This is only a partial listing of puppies and kittens and is updated weekly.
For a complete, more frequently updated list, please visit our Facebook Photo Album.
Call for availability dates.

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Due to staffing shortages, we are forced to limit our hours.
Until further notice, our hours are:

Monday - Thursday: noon - 6 pm
Friday & Saturday: noon - 7 pm
Sunday: 1 pm - 6 pm

Thank you for your understanding.

We will continue to maintain our Facebook Photo Album of all the current puppies and kittens in stock. We try our best to update it daily to ensure that it is as current as possible. If, after viewing this album, you have questions, please give us a call at

We have a new procedure for access to our pet playtime in our playrooms. We are selling Playtime Punch Cards with 100% of all proceeds donated to Susie's Hope animal rescue group.

A Playtime Punch Card is just $10 and entitles you (and your group) to a total of ten, 10-minute visits with a puppy or kitten of your choice (some restrictions apply) in a playroom. Please see a Friendly Pets Staff Member for additional details.

We are now limiting Playtime to the following hours each day:

  • Monday-Saturday: 2:00-5:00 pm
  • Sunday: 2:00-4:30 pm
COVID-19 Adjustments

Tips for Hiking with Your Dog

We all know that most dogs love the adventure of a good hike. It satisfies their natural instinct to walk and allows them a change of scenery that provides enrichment for them, as well as you, their owner. However, hiking with your canine companion requires proper planning to be a success. See some important basic tips below:

What to bring along
  • Dog First Aid Kit
  • Collar with ID Tag
  • Leash
  • Water
  • Food or Treats/Snacks
Other Considerations

It's important to choose a hiking trail that is appropriate for you and your dog. If your dog is new to hiking, choose a shorter, easier trail for beginners. While on your hike, be mindful of the terrain and keep your dog away from dangers such as dangerous wildlife or poisonous plants. This can be achieved by always keeping your dog on their leash.

In Case of Emergency

If your dog is injured, it is important that you are able to help them. Depending upon what happened, take precautions to ensure that you are able to stay safe. Then, using caution, get to your dog, stabilize them, and transfer them to their vet for medical attention as soon as possible.

For More Details

For additional details check out this Informative Blog by Nulo.

Nulo Dog Hiking