Reptiles, Amphibians and Arachnids

In our reptile department, Friendly Pets proudly offers a wide selection of exotic reptiles, amphibians and arachnids. You will receive a FREE Pet Lovers Club membership with the purchase of your new pet from our reptile department. This will entitle you to valuable discounts on your pet supplies in the future.

As with all our pets, our exotics are carefully screened before we put them out for you to purchase. We want you to be completely satisfied with your reptile department purchase! Be sure to ask us about the pet warranty when you purchase your next pet.

Below are animals that we can get in stock in our Reptile and Exotic Animals Department. Call us at 336-294-8101 and ask to speak to the Reptile Department to find out what our current stock is.

Photos of Skink, Snake, Chameleon, and Tarantula
  • Kenyan Sand Boa
  • Colombian Red Tail Boa
  • Albino Corn Snake
  • Black Corn Snake
  • Creamsicle Corn Snake
  • Ghost Corn Snake
  • Red Corn Snake
  • Snow Corn Snake
  • Black & White Banded King Snake
  • California King Snake
  • Coastal King Snake
  • Lavender King Snake
  • Sinaloan Milk Snake
  • Gulf Hammock Rat Snake
  • Pink Rat Snake
  • Normal Ball Python
  • Cinnamon Ball Python
  • Pastel Ball Python
  • Albino Bumblebee Ball Python
  • Spiderman Agamas
  • Anole
  • Veiled Chameleon
  • Water Dragon
  • Bearded Dragon
  • Crested Gecko
  • Leopard Gecko
  • Blizzard Leopard Gecko
  • Albino Leopard Gecko
  • Tokay Gecko
  • Black Lined Plated Lizard
  • Green Amieva Lizard
  • Yellow Plated Lizard
  • Savannah Monitor
  • Iguana
  • Blue Iguana
  • Small Iguana
  • Golden Skink
  • Uromastyx
  • Green Tree Frog
  • Fire Belly Toad
  • Fancy Tree Crab
  • Asian Forest Scorpion
  • Bark Scorpion
  • Emporer Scorpion
  • Flat Rock Scorpion
  • Giant Salmon Bird-Eating Tarantula
  • Haitian Brown Tarantula
  • Mexican Fire Leg Tarantula
  • Pink Toe Tarantula
  • Rose Hair Tarantula
  • Stripe Knee Tarantula