Current Pure Breeds in Stock

We do not currently have any pure breed kittens in stock.
If you are looking for a pure breed cat or kitten, please give us a call to discuss 336-294-8101.

Or, schedule a time to come in and see the sweet adoption cats and kittens currently available.

Adoption Cats and Kittens

Thanks to our wonderful clientele and staff, we are able to offer an excellent cat adoption program. These photos represent just a small sample of the cats and kittens we have adopted out.

We annually place over 500 cats, which are no longer wanted for various reasons, into loving homes. A variety of felines of all ages and colors have gone home with our help and the assistance of our wonderful customers!

Adoption kittens and cats are available for viewing 7 days a week. Our experienced pet counselors will be there to answer all of your questions. All our cats have been carefully screened by our kennel manager. They are up to date on all vaccinations and dewormings, and tested to be free of feline leukemia. They are fed high quality Blue Buffalo food to promote healthy bodies.

All of our adoption kittens and cats may be returned within 48 hours if you are not satisfied. You will also receive a FREE Pet Lovers Club membership with your new kitten - this will offer you valuable discounts on your pet supplies in the future.

We also carry beautiful pure breed cats including Siamese, Persian and Himalayan, among others. Check our store for current availability, and let us know if you are looking for a specific breed.

Adoption Kitten Photos


The Siamese has a compact body and an apple-shaped head, with full and rounded cheeks, short snout, and ears that are high but not huge. They are affectionate, dependent, intelligent, playful, social and talkative. Its coat is short, silky and soft, and requires minimal grooming.

AVERAGE WEIGHT: About 9 lbs.

Siamese Cat Photo


The Persian is a longhaired cat characterized by its round face and shortened muzzle. One of the oldest cat breeds, it takes its name from its place of origin, Persia (Iran). They are affectionate, easy going, intelligent, playful, relaxed and shy. Their long, silky coat requires frequent grooming.

AVERAGE WEIGHT: About 10 lbs.

Persian Cat Photo


The Himalayan is a gorgeous cat with the body and coat of a Persian, but the color, pattern and stunning dark blue eyes of a Siamese. They are poised, loving, sedate and affectionate, and would rather cuddle than climb up your curtains. They love to pe petted but do not demand attention like some breeds. Their coat is brushy, long and soft and requires frequent grooming.

AVERAGE WEIGHT: About 12 lbs.

Himalayan Cat Photo