Small Animals

Choose from a Great Variety!

You will receive a FREE Pet Lovers Club membership with the purchase of your new small pet. This will entitle you to valuable discounts on your pet supplies in the future.

All of our pets are accompanied by a written health warranty. We carefully screen all pets before we put them out for you to adore and purchase.

Below are animals that we can get in stock in our Small Animals Department. PLEASE CALL US AT 336-294-8101 and ask for the Small Animals Department to find out what our current stock is.

Photos of Bunny, Mouse, Guinea Pig, and Ferret
  • Rabbits (call for available breeds)
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Chinchillas
  • Marshall Farms Ferrets
    - spayed/neutered
    - descented
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Hamsters
  • Gerbils